It important to know how to remove permanent marker at current days. This markers have long been used to mark different surfaces and items, so as to give them distinction from other items and objects. As the name suggests, these markers uses ink to make permanent marks on various surfaces.

This in return means that the marks that are made using these markers are hard to delete. Once these marks are made of a surface, then it becomes increasingly difficult to remove them. Nevertheless, there are proven ways that one can make use of while erasing these markings. All these methods how to get permanent marker off have been used by many people across the world to get rid of it on item and other objects.

What removes permanent marker?

Among the methods that have long been used in removing these marks, involves that use of toothpaste and baking soda. When mixed together, their mixture can be very effective in erasing these marks.

However, this mixture is said to be effective in removing specific markings that have been drawn using specific colors. Consequently, they cannot be effective in removing all markings with different colors.

The other effective way how to remove permanent marker from wood, especially from a smooth surface is by making use of eraser sponge. This eraser sponge makes use of other liquids such turpentine, to completely remove any mark that is on a smooth surface.

It has been deemed to be the most effective way of removing this marks, due to the fact that it removes marks within less that ten seconds. However, these ways to remove marker only remove markings that are on a smooth surface. Therefore, it cannot be used for marks removal from hard and other rough surfaces.

Third method that can effectively be used to sharpie permanent marker removal using acids. Acids are revered for their ability to remove all markings, regardless of whether they are on hard or smooth surfaces. Apparently, they are perceived to be effective in removing markings that are on hard surfaces.

However, they are no ideal for removing marks that are on smooth surfaces. This is partly because of the fact that acids are collusive in nature. Using them for this task on smooth surface might result to them ruining the whole object or item that is being removed of the markings.

Permanent marker removal sprays

Another method that has been used removing permanent markings are sprays. There are sprays that are specifically manufactured to remove markings on all surfaces, whether hard or smooth. They are deemed as the most effective ways for this task, for they have the ability to remove these markings without ruining the object or the item being removed of any markings.

These sprays are also easier to use, for all one need to do is to spray on the markings until they are completely removed. However, these sprays are expensive and are not readily available in many shops.

To learn more methods how to remove permanent marker from plastic please check this page later and I will post 3 additional methods.

By Leo Brown